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TAC Torpedoes
275 Convention Drive
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 459-4045
TSA Representative(s):
Jenn Patetta
Tyler Owens
Our facility can operate during summer storms as we are a grounded indoor facility.

This pool has 8 lanes and is 25 yards long.
This pool has deck lighting and is licensed to operate at night.
This pool has starting blocks.
They had 71 swimmers last year and have 0 swimmers this year.

Team and Pool Records

2019 - Southern League - Ranked (47)
Season Standings(Won/Lost/Tied/Incomplete): 0/2/2/0
2019-06-11 At Eagle Ridge 1, TAC 0
Meet Forfeited
44 (Up 3)
2019-06-18 Kitts Creek 0, at TAC 0
Meet Forfeited
46 (Up 1)
2019-06-25 Renaissance Park 0, at TAC 0
Meet Forfeited
49 (Dn 2)
2019-07-02 At Holly Glen 1, TAC 0
Meet Forfeited
50 (Dn 3)
2019-07-09 TAC at Crooked Creek Meet Not Held Yet 45 (Up 2)
2019-07-16 Wellington Park at TAC Meet Not Held Yet 48 (Dn 1)